Thursday Morning Women's Bible Study

Thursday Morning Women's Bible Study is a place for all women. We will meet every Thursday and dive into God's word together while also growing in friendship with one another. This session will meet from January 19-May 4. We will work through two 6-week studies. We have some extra dates built in for fellowship, fun and/or snow days.

Good Boundaries and Goodbyes by Lysa TerKeurst | January 19-March 2
Good Boundaries and Goodbyes was born out of New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst’s personal struggles with boundaries in relationships. She understands the "dance with dysfunction" and wants to be your insightful, compassionate friend who will teach you that it isn't unloving to set a boundary, and it isn't unchristian to say goodbye. You'll be relieved to learn that boundaries aren't just a good idea, they're a God idea. In this 6-session video Bible study, you will discover how to set boundaries you can keep, communicate them, and finally see them working in your life.

Stories Jesus Told by Daniel Fusco | March 9-May 4
Through these six sessions, you’ll hear directly from Jesus through the Word. His parables not only form (or reform) who we are, they reveal more about God than we ever thought possible. They provide the hope we’re looking for, speaking above all the other noise we may be experiencing.

Books will be sold in the Atrium.

Registration closed on Thursday, May 4, 2023


Weekly Thursday
January 19-May 4 | 9:30-11a


South Naperville Campus

the HUB