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Our two-year Rise Up campaign was completed with $11,215,589 given toward our $10M goal. Watch Jeff's reveal and celebration above.

Our two-year Rise Up campaign was completed with $11,215,589 given toward our $10M goal.

Rise Up Logo

About Rise Up

Rise Up was a 27-month long discipleship initiative and capital campaign focused on the themes of generosity, unity, and legacy across our church family. These three themes were met by our church family that was abundantly generous. Giving was proportionate from all of our campuses to a cause and a building project that will make a difference for decades to come!

The result was over 1,600 households joining together to give over $11.2 toward a $10M goal. Over 1,000 households acted on initial commitments to Rise Up and over 600 households joined in financially along the way. This unified support, during a pandemic season none the less, had our goal being exceeded! Glory to God for all He has done in our midst!

Our goal was to have 100% engagement from our church family in raising $10M above and beyond our Ministry Fund for our Expansion Fund from Fall 2019 to February 2022. Having over 1,600 households give to Rise Up equals 100% of our normal giving households engaged with the joy of this extra giving initiative.

The total South Naperville Campus construction cost was $12.2M, the land cost was $3.5M, and we raised $500K for Here, Near & Far partnerships. That said, all the $11.2M given will be applied to Rise Up initiatives, enabling us to pay down mortgage debt even faster. The Compass Church had $9.6M in debt at the end of our last fiscal year, August 31, 2021. As of March 14, 2022 our debt has been reduced to $7.4M. This is allowing us to aggressively steward toward our mission of Helping People Find & Follow God! 

These funds were used for two key projects that strengthened what has already been built through decades of dedication and answering God’s calling for our church:

Expanded Capacity

In 2019, God enabled us to purchase 8 acres of undeveloped land on Rt 59 in Naperville to use as the new permanent home of our South Naperville Campus. This campus was started in 2010 and had grown to be over 400 people in attendance per weekend in a leased space. The new permanent building opened in July 2021. Today, over 800 people per weekend worship at this location; and we’re meeting new people every week! This building has enabled us to do significant ministry in South Naperville seven days a week and to multiply the life transformation capacity of this site.

Expanded Impact

Through Here, Near & Far partnerships, we have a significant stake in helping our local cities, our country ,and around the world. We used the Rise Up funds for:

  • Community Impact ministry - We were able to do more care outreach in Naperville, Wheaton, Bolingbrook, and our surrounding cities

  • CompassNational ministry - We strengthened three new church start-ups in Detroit and are helping to start a new church in Chicago

  • CompassGlobal ministry - We continued to provide resourcing for new churches in the country of Bhutan, the city of Kolkata, India and a limited-access nation in Central Asia

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